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Road safety
Road safety
Road safety

What to do if you have a road safety concern

If you have worries or concerns about a road safety issue that affects you there are a number of things you can do.

You can contact the Parish Council either by contacting the Clerk or a councillor.  If you contact a councillor they will raise the matter at a Parish Council meeting if thought necessary.  Parish Council meetings are held monthly and time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting for members of the public to speak about matters on the agenda.  If your concern is considered by the Parish Council it will be referred to the Road Safety Working Group to investigate in more detail, gather evidence and make a report, which will be referred to the Parish Council for consideration.  The Working Group will make recommendations and ask Shropshire Council, the highways authority to take action on the issue.  You can, if you wish, refer your concerns directly to Shropshire Council's road safety team.

Road Safety Working Group

The Parish Council has established a Road Safety Working Group responsible for considering concerns about road safety.  These are their Terms of Reference.  This group consists of councillors from each of the wards in the parish.  They will meet with residents to hear their concerns, gather evidence of the problem, and level of concern.  They will consider how best to deal with these concerns and agree possible solutions and report back to the Parish Council.  If necessary the Parish Council will refer the matter to Shropshire Council for action.  The Group will also keep an eye on progress with the problem, and make sure that the Parish Council continues to remind Shropshire Council of the need to act, and will continue to do so until something is done.

Contact details for members of the Road Safety Working Group are listed below:

Cllr. John Davies

Cllr. Bob Kimber

Cllr. Steve Watts

Cllr. Roger Jones

Cllr. Martin Bennett

What's happening now?

The Working Group is currently working with residents in Coed-y-Go to have a 30mph speed limit introduced along the narrow road between the Trefonen Road and Morda.  Shropshire Council has responded by saying that they will not introduce a 30mph speed limit but may consider the introduction of a 40mph speed limit.  The Working Group continues to liaise with Shropshire Council concerning this matter.

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